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About LGMS

About LGMS: Cyber Security and The Penetration Testing (Pen Test) Specialist

LGMS Pen Test Cyber Security Experts

LGMS Cyber Security Experts

Established in 2005, LGMS has earned a reputation for integrity, value and best practices by providing world-class cyber security professional services to clients from various industries, locally, regionally and internationally.

We are proud to remain neutral as an agnostic, professional security services provider. We do not sell any other conflicting auxiliary services or software (e.g., IT staff recruitment, 3rd-party products or solutions, etc.) that contradict our core beliefs, as we persistently strive to avoid any indiscriminate services that could potentially compromise our client’s interests.

LGMS Professionalism

Since our inception, LGMS has maintained a focus on delivering services that assess our customers’ cyber security requirements, reduce risk and provide operational efficiency. LGMS is the only information and cyber security services company that integrates the best practices of ISO quality management systems into our entire portfolio of services, resulting in measurable performance increases for our customers.



Information Cyber security is the ongoing process of exercising due care and due diligence to protect information and information systems, from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. The ongoing process of information security involves training, assessment, protection, monitoring and detection, incident response and repair, documentation, and review.

Cyber Security is a continuous process; you can trust LGMS to be your long term technology adviser.

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Today, LGMS specializes in:

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